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Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning your home’s exterior

pressure-cleaning-topgun-paintersPressure cleaning is a must first step to get your house ready for painting. Not removing dirt from a wall greatly increases the likelihood that any coating you apply will fail sooner than it should. That is why our painters at at Topgun Painting pressure wash to remove dust, chalk, mildew, and old paint using highly pressurised water.

We also use both electric and gas depending on the job at hand, as the washer fueled by gas packs a bigger punch. They’re not difficult appliances to operate, but they can be dangerous in the hands of an unskilled user.

We recommend you talk to one of our team at Topgun Painting so we can advise the best option.

Dulux-Accredited-Painter-Bruno-Carmody“Dulux Accredited Painters have been recognised by Dulux as leaders in the Australian painting industry. Their commitment to quality workmanship, a professional approach and customer service is your assurance of a quality job” When you use Topgun Painting, you are assured of hiring Dulux Accredited Painters to provide you with the piece of mind that you are using quality and professional painters for your home or business.