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Texture Coating


At Topgun Painting and decorating we also offer that wonderful solution in the form of texture coating.

So what is texture coating? Different brands of acrylic texture medium are formulated differently, and variously labeled as pastes, gels, and mediums. They all do the same job of adding texture, but some will be glossy when dry and others matt; some will dry completely transparent, others will be slightly opaque or stay white.

The beauty in texture coating is that this seemingly great problem actually only takes a while to resolve and at a lesser cost. When you texture-coat that drab of a wall you would be surprised to see it transform into a better looking wall. What actually transpires in this process is that the texture applied on it will be able to prevent light from reflecting smoothly off your wall’s surface and show off those ridges.

Plainly put, the result will be able to take away the imperfection of the surface and turn it into a new wall with stylish looking texture.